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Anne Jankowski

Artist's Statement

Anne Jankowski

     My paintings often reflect my love of the rural countryside. I recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, where the lush landscape provides endless inspiration for my new work. I now paint on a full time basis in my studio in Dallas, Oregon.


     My paintings are simple, textural and evocative expressions of a moment in time. I reduce complicated subject matter to minimal shapes, and, through my use of color, brushstroke and paint texture, invite the viewer to experience everyday scenes from a new, and often emotional, perspective.


     I love the richness and versatility of oil paints, my primary medium. When working in oils, I work wet on dry on stretched canvas, and combine vigorous brushwork and impasto with softness and diffusion.


     Encaustic paints lend themselves beautifully to the textural application I love. The colors are melted and applied to a rigid surface. They harden immediately and must be moved around and fused together using a heat source. I enjoy exploiting the medium for landscapes, abstracts and collage pieces.


     Whether using oils, encaustics, acrylics or alcohol ink, as I paint the work becomes less about the subject matter, and more about the beauty and possibilities inherent in the medium. The paintings reflect the process of creating the work, hopefully communicating the pure happiness and excitement I feel when working well.


     I want my work to stir a memory, evoke an emotion and communicate in a way that words cannot.

Anne Jankowski

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